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Idle Bites // August 22nd, 2008

// Android becoming a Reality

The interwebs are abuzz this week with talk of the first Android phone to hit the market. Looks like U.S. carrier T-Mobile wins the race, with the HTC Dream approved by the FCC this week. ReadWriteWeb has the full story complete with speculated release date and features.

On the same note, Google pushed out a new release on Monday of the Android SDK Beta. This new version shows a lot of promise, with new features that start to suggest that the default state of Android can make for a viable mobile operating system. Gizmodo captured a video from the SDK emulator this week that gives an in-depth tour of the system that is definitely worth watching.

// Don’t Call it a Blackberry

The fact that people are calling it a Blackberry is only proof that the original RIM device created a category of its own. NY startup Peek is putting out a dedicated mobile device complete with QWERTY keyboard that is refreshingly focused when it comes to features. While the rest of the industry is churning out do-everything devices, Peek simply does email. Yes, you read that right. No calls, no text messaging, no App Store, not even a 2-year contract. Target will sell the device nationwide on September 14th for $99.95. It’s a big gamble. Will consumers find value in a dedicated email device? Would you?

// Talk to the Hand

Ski and snowboard glove maker Swany has developed the first hands-free cell phone ski & snowboard glove. Connected via bluetooth, incoming calls are felt by vibration in the wrist. Push a button on the back of the hand to receive the call. Voice command dialing, speak into the glove. Cool stuff, if you can swallow the $500 price tag. The question on my mind is: When will we see this technology in an everyday application?

// Worthy of Mention:

Intel is developing a technology to power your mobile devices by simply placing them on a table.

An App Store for the other 3 Billion.

Dan at MobileCommandos has got something to say to you about your mobile etiquette.

Aram Bartholl is collecting photos of jeans worn out by mobile phones.

Your future mobile device may run on Virus-Powered, Cell-Sized Batteries.

Yahoo! and Intel are turning their sights on your living room.

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