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Ifan Chou

Carnival of the Mobilists #184

The Carnival of the Mobilists aims to showcase some of the best mobile-focused blog posts from the mobile blogging community and Punchcut is delighted to host edition #184 here at Idlemode. Our team has authored several articles featured in past Carnival editions, but if you don’t know us, we’re a San Francisco-based UI design company focused on strategy, user experience design and development for the digital lifestyle.

Contributions this week cover a breadth of topics from Tomi Ahonen, Dennis Bournique, Judy Breck, Tam Hanna, Volker Hirsch, Holly Kolman, Sanjeet Matharu, C. Enrique Ortiz, Howard Rheingold, and Peggy Anne Salz. Continue Reading »

Christian Robertson

Seven Reasons why Fireworks Works for UI Design

Editorial note: File under user interface design tools.

I have been advocating Fireworks as the best tool for screen design since Fireworks 3. However, somehow a good portion of the industry is still stuck with a photo editing tool. Here are seven reasons why Fireworks works for screen design.
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Andy Gilliland

Why Motion (Design) Matters

Every animal has a primary sense that it relies on more than its other senses. You can usually tell what an animal’s main sensory reliance is based on how large that main sensory organ is on their body. Take a look at a cat’s skull and how much of it is taken up by the eye sockets. Look at a dog’s snout; a bat’s ears. An animal’s core sense is built up in order to give it the best possible chance of survival. Humans are visual animals, and we rely most heavily on our sense of sight to survive.
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