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Jared Benson

Don’t Be That Phone Guy

In the spirit of mobile social etiquette, I offer up these clips. If you’ve not seen them, Merlin Mann from 43 Folders fame plays “That Phone Guy,” that loud speaking, jargon-using, obnoxious mobile user that we sometimes find ourselves stuck next to in line.

Still on the Ground | Literally | Don’t run DOS | Okay |� Dots of Fluid

Mind Waffle | Foot Tattoo | Hearing Huey Lewis

A Dungaree | Salon-perfect | A Pulsing Sting | Is that how you get a pony?

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UPDATE: The archived presentation is now available for viewing. Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.

UPDATE 2: A text transcript of the Q&A session has been posted up to the DGUSA website. Enjoy.

Joe Pemberton

Idle Bites, Feb 15th 2007

1// Picturephoning has an interesting write-up on “unauthorized” use of mobile phones by students in classrooms with plenty of YouTube evidence to back it up.

2// At Punchcut we’ve been calling it the new convergence (where convergence is no longer a move to a single, mega-device, but a broad move toward ubiquitous data availability across devices and media), but Mike Mace is calling it the information ecosystem. Whatever you call it, Mike shares an interesting perspective: “The rise of the information ecosystem: How mobile devices, personal computing, media, and the Internet all fit together.

3// Cingular (AT&T) is the second carrier to adopt Qualcomm’s mobile broadcast TV platform MediaFLO.

4// Microsoft announces Windows Mobile 6 at 3GSM.

5// Wired features a quick look at the smartphone lineup that was announced at 3GSM this week.

6// In non-phone device news, a cadre of music execs are busy creating the next gen MP3 player.

7// Finally! Bluetooth headphones worthy of audiophiles.

8// Bank of America Mobile to let users check their accounts, pay bills and transfer funds.

9// Business Week analyzes the timing of a Virgin Mobile USA IPO. It’s an interesting run-down of the US prepaid wireless market with Virgin’s competition from MVNOs Boost, Amp’d and Helio.

10// The “fourth screen”, as the film industry has dubbed it, had an interesting submission from Sundance that debuted at 3GSM. BBC Quote: “Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’s A Slip In Time is one of six shorts made especially for mobiles as part of the Sundance Film Festival Global Short Film Project, and screened at the 3GSM Mobile Phone conference in Barcelona this week.”

Jared Benson

Twitter and Mobile Presence

New technologies create new contexts of use. So when the folks behind Odeo invented Twitter, my new context-of-use became receiving and managing dozens of text messages a day while friends constantly update their statuses.

I want to stay connected to my friends, but do I need to know every minute detail of each of their days ad nauseum? It reminds me of the dawn of blogs, where fledgling bloggers felt their lives were so important that everyone needed to know what they had for breakfast.

Let’s look at Instant Messenger. At a glance, I can immediately see who’s available and who’s not available by the colored dot next to their name. If my friends decide that the world needs to know more about their day, they have the option to include an optional status message.

Updating your status is relatively quick and easy. With one click, I can pick from a list of status messages I’ve created and my status is quietly updated across those buddy lists in which I appear.

Note: Quietly.

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Nancy Broden

New Mobile Phone Layout Support Texting

IOL posts a patent that inverses the standard mobile phone layout of display on top/keys on bottom. On a phone with a “candybar” form factor, inverses this layout ensuring that most of the device rests in the palm improving support and control.

“In addition to the improved grip, the thumb rests in a comfortable position directly above the buttons of the keypad. The improved angle for the thumb makes it unnecessary to shift the mobile phone around in the hand while typing text.”