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Great article on UE design from Pingmag that interviews Liisa Puolakka, Head of Brand, Visual and Sensorial Experiences from Nokia.

Now I have title envy…

Wired magazine reports of declining satisfaction with mobile phones. The discussion mentions the dissatisfaction with complex email and texting features.

The research seems somewhat limited, but I’m interested in your take. Anecdotally, at least it makes a lot of sense.

Joe Pemberton

Helio trying to move beyond voice

In a video interview, Helio’s CEO describes mobile life beyond phone calls. He goes into the Helio strategy which focuses on a target market who is already thinking beyond voice. He doesn’t go that deep into specifics (what CEO ever does?) but it seems like MySpace will be the biggest content partner for Helio.

I think we’ll know the whole “beyond voice” idea has fully arrived when cellular commercials stop talking about minutes and networks.

(Also worth checking out… A CNET editor demonstrates the new Helio device.)