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This is what you get when you add a compass to a data and GPS-enabled handheld device that has a camera – an extremely useful concoction of sci-fi proportions. Leave it to Yelp to deploy this type of AR to the iPhone first.

I’m not sure why Mashable is calling this an Easter Egg. Probably because “shake-to-activate-super-cool-feature” is not intuitive to discover at all. (I’m also not sure why Mashable suggests Yelp snuck this one past Apple.)

Puzzles abound. Nonetheless, enjoy the video.

It’s that time of year when SXSW Interactive puts all the approved talk submissions up for public vote. We hope you’ll take a moment and vote for these mobile and device user experience sessions. Voting ends September 4th.

1 // “Convergence: Already Here, and Gosh It’s a Mess!
Speaker: Gabriel White, Punchcut
Convergence is here and it’s a big mess. People are using services and media within hacked-together ecosystems; systems without neat connections or beautiful symmetries. Punchcut will share the user insights and design principles needed to create applications and services that integrate into emerging digital lifestyles and convergent ecosystems.

2 // “It’s Slow, Ugly and Not What I Designed: How to Ship Good Design
Speakers: Patricia Slechta & Christian Robertson, Punchcut

Has your user experience ever been lost in translation? You see the mobile device in the marketplace and you hardly recognize it? Punchcut will share insights and explore organizational principles that bridge design and the go-to-market reality. We will discuss ways to prevent user experiences from being lost in translation.
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