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Six Free iPhone Themes for Download

Ever since we’ve hacked our iPhones, we’ve been noodling on themes for SummerBoard.

We’re happy to share six of them with you today, with more to come in the future. If you grab them, be sure to post comments to let us know what you think. Five more after the break…

1 Bit by Jared Benson

Pixels rule. What if the iPhone was released with a 1-bit display? Enjoy this old school rendition. Download it here.

1 Bit Green by Jared Benson

The 1 Bit theme in all of its green/black VT-100 glory. Download it here.
Garphynk Uno by Gareth Finucane

This theme utilizes a cleaner approach to iconography, abstract letter forms fill each button surface in the main menu, while clear traditional icons service the Dock region.Download it here.
Garphynk Dos by Gareth Finucane

Simple and clean, this theme makes the iPhone even more Zen-like by subtracting the noise of extra detail and color, soothing the eye and calming the soul. Download it here.

Garphynk Tres by Gareth Finucane

For those of us old enough, to remember the good old days of hanging out at the arcade in the summer time, will recall this classic game. Almost completely lacking in function, this theme is just for the power user who doesn’t need to know what the real icons mean. Download it here.

Garphynk Quattro by Gareth Finucane

This theme bring the richness of people to the iPhone interface, showing that this phone is made for people not machines. Download it here.

One Response to “Six Free iPhone Themes for Download”

  1. Jared Bensonon 20 Nov 2007 at 11:49 am

    These themes presuppose that you’ve hacked your iPhone to allow the installation of 3rd party applications. There are many tutorials online that show how to do this; it’s really simply a matter of googling “installer.app” to get started.

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