Joe Pemberton

Don’t Call it a Phone

The August issue of Communication Arts includes the feature “Don’t Call it a Phone“, which highlights emerging mobile trends. Columnist Sam MacMillan sought input from Punchcut’s deep mobile experience in informing the direction of the piece.


“Mobile is not a device, it’s a lifestyle. Life is mobile, media is mobile; your mobile is the ultimate social networking tool. The information and the tools built into the virtual world of mobile provide the ideal way to meet up in the real world.” — Jared Benson, Executive Creative Director, Punchcut

“[clients] are increasingly asking for embedded social networking aspects across device experiences. Our handset and carrier customers want to give users ubiquitous access to the people users care about. Users want to see their address book paired with location, so they can view their friends in the context of who is nearby.” — Joe Pemberton, Brand and Marketing Director, Punchcut

“We begin by asking, ‘How can we use a mobile device to help us connect in the real world? What contexts do we include, and what tasks do we want to perform?’ Consider how social networking can be combined with a mobile handset to supplement the physical experience of shopping. The mobile phone can enhance real experience by including maps to find friends …The virtual device adds to the experience.” — Shilpa Shah, Associate Director of Interaction Design, Punchcut


The magazine is in its 40th year and has a very strong reputation in the visual design and marketing communications fields and boasts a worldwide distribution of 60M.

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