Nancy Broden

UR BFF Suck?

Fiona Carswell, a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, has the answer to your text message doldrums.

“CELL STICKIES: For people who go to great lengths to see what they want to see, Cell Stickies is a small booklet of translucent sheets with comforting messages printed on them. Not satisfied with the text message you received? Peel off a Cell Sticky and slap it on your cellphone screen, showing you the message you really wanted to see.”

One Response to “UR BFF Suck?”

  1. Joe Pembertonon 23 May 2007 at 10:06 am

    This next-generation daily affirmations that you used to stick on your mirror at home (not that I ever did that, of course).

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