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Social networking and mobile communities

Today at the EuroIA Summit, Barcelona, we will discuss insights from the Punchcut-funded mobile social networking study.

The poster lists the chief insights and provides a visualization of the users ages and their behaviors (text messaging, IM, email, photo sharing, blogging, commenting both using desktop apps and mobile devices).
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Joe Pemberton

MEX 2007: Flickr Stream
from Wallaspace

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Marek Pawlowski, PMN Al Russel, Vodafone Matthew Henz, Motorola Nancy Broden, Punchcut

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Social networking and user-generated content are, without a doubt, hot topics in the mobile sector right now. The marriage of social networking and mobile phones seems logical: our mobile phones are always with us and keep us connected to our networks all day, every day. We currently use our mobile phones to create and share content to a limited degree, and as our devices become more and more sophisticated the kinds of user-generated content we create and the means by which we share them will only increase. In anticipation of this wave, Web-based social networking sites like MySpace are moving into mobile hoping to increase their reach and popularity, while the ranks of startups are swelling with developers of wireless social networks or tools that facilitate mobile social networking. 3’s See Me TV in the UK has already shown that that video created and consumed on the mobile phone can be a popular proposition.

Despite the growing numbers of players in the mobile social networking space, questions abound about what constitutes a successful mobile social networking experience. What form will social networks take in the mobile context? How will desktop-based and mobile social networks co-exist, or will they? As a San Francisco-based interface strategy, design and development consultancy with a specialization in mobile, we at Punchcut spend a great deal of time pondering these questions and envisioning future-forward solutions for our clients. In order to inform our design efforts, we recently conducted a qualitative study of the social networking behaviors of 11 young adults living in the San Francisco Bay area. The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of why young, socially connected individuals engage in social networking behaviors and how the use of a mobile device supports and fosters these behaviors.
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Joe Pemberton

See us at CTIA Orlando

A few of us are at CTIA Wireless this week in the Punchcut booth demonstrating our UI design thinking. If you’re here, stop by booth 1645 and say hello!

A few of us have posted some pics from CTIA on Flickr. (Or, see all the public CTIA pics on Flickr.)