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1 // Cnet reported on Apple’s latest patent filing that forecasts a context-aware iPhone.

2 // Kyocera showed off a flexible, large-screen OLED concept phone.

3 // @eyemagazine (distinguished UK design rag, Eye) listed our design community Typophile among their prestigious list of 10 great typography blogs. We’re okay being a community forum listed among blogs.

4 // LinkedIn has a Mobile Touch UI/UX group with some healthy discussions.

5 // @marekpawlowski (Mark Pawlowski) MEX organizer, blogged about the problem with app stores. How did app stores forget the user experience?

6 // @iA (Oliver Reichenstein) posted the final cut of The Web Trends Map — their attempt to plot the 300+ sites on the internet that matter. We blushed a little when made the list. The map is available as a free download. We’re a little sensitive to saying so much about Typophile this week, but hey, the site turned 9. We’re celebrating one of the oldest design communities on the ‘pipes.

7 // @stevenf (Steven Frank) wrote an interesting piece lamenting the inability to move beyond the “desktop” metaphor in computing. He’s hit on all the reasons we think touch and gestural UI shows so much promise. The limitations of designing for mobile are precisely the reasons it’s so promising.

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