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Jared Benson will present “Designing the Mobile User Experience” today at 11am, Pacific Time. The free webcast is hosted by Dynamic Graphics. We hope you’ll join us.

UPDATE: The archived presentation is now available for viewing. Requires Real Player or Windows Media Player.

UPDATE 2: A text transcript of the Q&A session has been posted up to the DGUSA website. Enjoy.

Joe Pemberton

Mobile User Experience Manifesto

The MEX organizers have published a Mobile User Experience Manifesto as the theme for their upcoming conference in 2007. Readers are encouraged to read and respond.

The manifesto covers some familiar (1-3, 5, 9) and some bleeding edge (4, 6, 7, 8, 10) themes. I’ve given these a 10 second breakdown, but it’s well worth the 10 minutes to read the manifesto.

1- Too much industry focus on getting to market quickly, instead of getting to market effectively (in other words, the features are there, but the UE suffers).

2- The walled garden is holding back industry growth.

3- Mobile advert