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January 31, 2007

Carnival of the Mobilists, No. 60

Posted in: Observations

The Carnival of Mobilists, week no. 60 is at Mobbu. Some interesting writings from the mobile blogonauts.

If you only have time to read one post this week, take time for Mobile Opportunity’s “The Shape of the Smartphone and Mobile Data Markets”. Michael Mace pinpoints what he calls 2 myths in the market for mobile data services. First is the assumption that mobile data is for everyone (maybe obvious) and not nearly so obvious is his challenge of the notion that there is a single smartphone market. He creates a compelling rundown of three distinct data markets (entertainment, communication and information) and then maps out the corresponding handsets that serve them. Very thorough.

Dean Bubley’s post, “Motion sensors - the next big thing in mobile phones?” has some interesting speculation and highlights an increasing trend. The trend is punctuated in a timely way by the new Samsung i7, a 7 mega pixel camera slash portable media player (MP3 and video player) whos multiple modes are selected by orienting the screen for the function you want. (Full review at my fave camera site, dpreview and a good synopsis at Mobiface).

These are just a couple that caught my eye and I’m eager to read more. Head over to Mobbu for the rest.

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