Punchcut recently participated in a panel on Mobile Design Best Practices at Mobile Monday Silicon Valley alongside design representatives from Nokia, RIM, Google and Microsoft. The 45 minute session touched on numerous topics including accessibility, redundancy, voice UI, cost of UI design, app features, and differentiation.

Panel moderator Derek Kerton of the Kerton Group asked each participant to prepare a list of our top 5-10 best practices of mobile design. However due to the flow of the evening, we never formally shared our list, so here it is. These were the things that came top of mind to share with Mobile Monday attendees.

1. Relationships matter when everything is connected.
2. Great experiences come from specialists.
3. Create spaces people care about.
4. Focus on the Minimal Viable Product.
5. Create experiences that users want, not what they ask for.
6. Fail early and quickly.
7. Downtime is just as important as the uptime.
8. Mobile UIs don’t have to solve it all.
9. Dogfood it.
10. Engage designers early.

Read the full article at Punchcut.com.

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