Joe Pemberton

Data Visualization is a Medium

Great data visualization lets the presentation of the information enhance the reader/viewer/user’s understanding. When coupled with motion design and animation a visualization can introduce added dimensions like time, population, price, elevation, etc. and therefore aid understanding.

The above reel is from motion designer Michael Chang.

The below example from Digg Labs — a visualization called “Big Spy” is very basic, but the added dimension of real-time data make this simple representation come to life.

Digg Labs

Eric Rodenbeck’s talk “Data Visualization is a Medium” (from O’Reiley’s Etech conference last year) expands data visualization into a medium as the user is able to drag sliders and interact with the data. The audience is no longer viewer, but user as they get their hands on the visualization and manipulate the view in real-time. Click to view the full Etech talk and video demonstration.

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